The Complete
Online Job Search Kit

The combination of weak economic conditions and the growing skills gap has made looking for a job challenging, time-consuming and stressful. But jobseekers who know the ins and outs of the job search cycle, and what to expect at each stage, have a competitive advantage.

In addition to educating you about the purpose of the job search, we’ve created a complete online job search kit encompassing all the resources you’ll need to conduct a healthy, successful job search of your own.

Whether it was your choice to look for a new job or you’re involuntarily unemployed, there’s no way around the job search phase.

That means knowing how to navigate your job search, what resources to use during your job search, and how to stay focused on the end goal despite minor setbacks, will be the difference between attracting quality job opportunities and prolonging your search.

Still, the job search process can be a long one. And if you aren’t prepared, chances are your job search will last longer than the average 18 weeks it takes to find a quality, targeted employment opportunity.

Brand Red Resume understands the desires of the serious job seeker, and we’ve taken the time to address several aspects of your job search, including topics like dealing with job search rejection, interview questions to avoid, and using the best job search websites.

Benefits of the complete online job search kit:

Preparing for your Job Search

The 24 resources in this kit are straightforward and designed to help you make sense of the many phases of the job search cycle.

Preparation is one of the most critical aspects of a successful job search. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll have very little luck with knowing what it takes to get hired and your job search will be doomed from the start.

Use these resources as mini-guides for navigating the job search cycle and make sure you’re ready for every opportunity that comes your way.

The Complete Online Job Search Kit

1. 12 Dynamic Ways to Find a Job

2. Denied a Job? How to Deal with Job Search Rejection

3. Jobs for People with No Skills

4. 9 of the Fastest Growing Occupations for 2013-2017

5. 8 Things That’ll Cause You to Switch Jobs

6. What To Do If You Lose Your Job

7. Avoid Asking these 11 Interview Questions

8. 3 Awesome Mobile Job Search Apps

9. 5 Must Watch Career-related YouTube Channels

10. 7 of the Best Times to Look for Jobs Online

11. Are Jobs Labeled “No Resume Required” Always Best?

12. 10 of the Best Job Search Websites

13. 5 Things a Good Resume Objective Should Offer [Poster]

14. What Career is Best for Me? A List of 5 Free Career Aptitude Tests

15. 6 Statistics about Your Job Search You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

16. Things You Can Do to Find a Job on Twitter

17. 11 Tips for Managing Gaps in Employment History

18. 7 Quick Tips for Online Job Hunting

19. How Often Should You Apply for Jobs?

20. How Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Can Get You Noticed

21. How To Deal with Job Rejection Emails

22. Keeping a Fresh Resume

23. How a Hiring Manager Pieces Together your Resume

24. The Best Way to Find a Job Online

Having knowledge of the job search cycle and what to expect will be beneficial to you no matter what stage of the career ladder you’re in. Hopefully, these 24 resources will help you stay up-to-date on the reality of navigating the job search cycle so you can see results from your efforts.

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