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Life is a Series of Moments (How Will You be Remembered?)

Is it just me, or does it seem that the most memorable moments are the steps you take (learning process) to reach the big goal?

For some, the big goal could be graduating from college, or starting a business, or maybe even having a family. Whatever your moment is, will it be great?

How much effort from you will it take to reach that goal?

This article that I’m writing for you is suppose to leave you with a feeling of hope. Someone great once said: [Continue reading…]

How Strong is your Manager-Employee Relationship

Top 5 In-Demand Skills for 2014 [PREDICTION]

If you aren’t investing time into your employees, you really aren’t investing time into your company. It’s as simple as that. Yes, employees are an investment, and it may take a while to find that one employee that is both a performer and hard to replace. So, why would you let their talents go unnoticed, […]