Student Resume.

A Student Resume is a career marketing document for students and new graduates. The student resume from Brand Red Resume focuses on four specific areas: academic competencies, volunteer efforts, limited employment history and future career goals.

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Your many years in school is one of the best times to gain valuable work and volunteer experience. With a student resume that clearly identifies your academic competencies and transferrable skills, you can start landing the right student-level positions.

The student resume is most commonly used by:

1. High school and college students with no employment history.

2. New college graduates with less than two years of experience.

As a student or new graduate, you have a lot more to offer than what a hiring manager sees on the surface.

Here at Brand Red Resume, we use your student resume document to hone in on the practice knowledge and experience you have to offer to an employer. This experience and education is obtained throughout your many years of schooling and can be used as your value proposition if presented in the right way.

Our student resume writers don’t believe in leaving out any details. Your high school student resume may not have a lot to offer in terms of employment experience, but we know how to make your volunteer and academic strengths stand out.

Having recently graduated, you job search journey can be an exciting time. Let our team of student resume writers take your college student resume to the next level. Using you limited employment history, we help you create future career goals that let hiring managers and recruiters know just how valuable you will be to their organization.

Need a student resume to land an entry-level position?

Brand Red Resume provides high school student resumes and college student resumes to people at the entry-level stages of their employment journey.

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