Application Match (AppMatch) Services

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Matching your qualifications with the right career opportunity can be time-consuming. Our AppMatch Services do all the work for you by applying to positions that match your KSAs, education and company, distance and position preferences. You tell us what you’re interested in and we find the perfect companies to submit your application and resume to.

AppMatch Services are issued in blocks of 6 for $150. You can change your order quantity. (i.e. 2 Blocks = 12 apps).

Here’s How AppMatch Services from Brand Red Resume Work:

Our AppMatch Experts individually assess and handpick jobs that match perfectly with your KSAs, education and company, distance and position preferences.

Application Match (AppMatch) Services
  • We assess your skills, education and experience level
  • You tell us about your company, distance and position preferences
  • We compile a list of expertly-matched employment positions for you to approve
  • We submit your application and resume to each employer on your behalf
  • The interviews start rolling in
  • You choose the employment opportunity that works best for you

*Note: AppMatch Services do not fulfill any testing requirements. All testing must be completed by candidate.

The right job opportunities aren’t always right in front of your face. Sometimes finding the right employment positions to apply to requires a calculated approach to going about your job search that individually matches a position to your skills.

Applying to Jobs that Don’t Match Your Skills or Interests is a Waste of Time

The #1 mistake job seekers make when applying to different positions is matching their skills and interests to the job, instead of the other way around.

The statistics speak for themselves: Right at 80% of employees are unhappy in their jobs resulting in roughly 2 million Americans quitting their job every month.

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This comes as a result of applying to a job for no better reason than to be in a new or different position. But, with AppMatch Services from Brand Red Resume, your chances of finding a job that aligns with your skills and interests are increased tenfold.

The last thing you need in your job search is uncertainly. With the use of the above touch points, AppMatch Services from Brand Red Resume eliminates all uncertainty and takes the time to find the matching job opportunities that would otherwise be missed during your average job search.

Get Your AppMatch Services Started Today

Our AppMatch Experts are ready to help you make some major moves in your job search. Let the field work up to us. We promise that our AppMatch Services will pinpoint the exact positions you are interested in applying to.

Contact an App Match Expert at 1-800-814-9859

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