Resume Editing.

Resume Editing services are offered at $30. Additional pages can be added at a rate of $30 per additional page. Editing covers content only and doesn’t include formatting or style changes. Resume editing is completed within 48 hours of purchase. Click to add to cart

The success of your next career search will be a direct reflection of the measures you take to advertise your qualifications, the most important of which being your resume.

Resume Editing helps your Career Search & We Know How To DO It

No hidden charges If you’re not seeing any results from the resume you’ve sent to various employers, it could be that your résumé needs a good edit to get it up to industry standards. Every resume will not be the same just like every hiring manager will not be the same. Our expert resume editors know how to clean up your résumé document and turn it into a focused, industry-specific career marketing tool. After learning about your career goals and needs, we can edit your resume to reflect the competencies, skills and education you have to contribute to a specific field or organization. We make sure to highlight your qualifications in order of relevancy so hiring managers aren’t forced to browse through information they don’t need. This is the #1 mistake you are probably making on your resume right now, which is why you aren’t getting called in for an interview with a prospective employer.

We Edit your Resume with the Employer in Mind

Employers will generally only dedicate about 30 seconds to scan your resume. During these 30 seconds, they are looking for very specific touch points!

Among other factors, these resume touch points will be thoroughly developed during our resume editing process. We want every part of your resume to scream success as it will show employers that you either have the experience or potential needed to be a part of their team and you are ready for the challenges that come with the position.

Target your Career Opportunities

With an edited resume from Brand Red Resume, you will not only find it easier to appeal to employers, but you will begin to attract targeted career opportunities to you. A tangible resume document is not the only way to showcase your talents. If you have a resume online or an online profile where you display your skills and education, our resume editors can provide you with the same level of resume editing services to help optimize your resume content and get you noticed.

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