The top 11 reasons people order a resume online

Here are the top 11 reasons people order resumes from Brand Red Resume online. You can skip this page to get your resume made.


Returning back to work

Been out of work for a while? Return like you never left. Learn more


Relocating to a new city

Moving to start anew? Start getting your interviews lined up. Learn more


Recently lost a job

Been laid off? Find a new position in little to no time. Learn more


Pursuing a promotion

Looking to advance in your career? Show your employer your worth. Learn more


Hate your current job

Is your current job unfulfilling? Secure one that feeds your passion. Learn more


Change career paths

Time to change careers? Make a smooth, satisfying transition. Learn more


Recently graduated

Just graduated from college? Show your true employability to employers. Learn more


Demoted to a lower position

Been demoted? Take your talents somewhere they’re appreciated. Learn more


Company downsizing or closing

Is your company changing for the worse? Exit with ease. Learn more


Pass the Applicant Tracking System.

ATS denying your resume? Get through to employers and get hired. Learn more


Holiday Hiring Season

Need Holiday Money? Retailers hire thousands of workers every holiday season. Learn more

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