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Staff Handbook

Employees are the heart of every brand. Through effective leadership strategies, managers are able to leverage internal talent and, in turn, establish a dynamic relationship between management and staff and the brand and its key audience.

This means taking the time to build on the simple models of employee appreciation and work-life balance and activating a strategy for being a better manager from the start of every relationship.

This 7-part handbook by Brand Red Resume helps managers make the most of every connection and use their relationship with staff members as a lever for business growth.

3 Reasons Manager-Employee Relationships are Important

Maximizing the way your brand and its employees operate has always been essential to your management strategy. So, coordinating ongoing opportunities to enable engagement between you and your staff is critical.

This manager-to-employee handbook introduces a few basic steps for defining manager and staff expectations as to influence better work ethic. The guide focuses on helping managers approach the first stages of the employee life cycle with the employee in mind and use the power of their role to influence job satisfaction.

Learn how building a strong appreciation for your staff ensures the true potential of these individuals are being unlocked at every stage of the business.

Maximize your Manager-Employee Relationships in 7 Steps

This handbook compiles 7 simple considerations all managers should focus on when hiring and managing employees. These actionable strategies work in favor of management, the brand, and the most important customers of all: employees.

1. How to Effectively Interview Potential Employees

2. What to Consider when Hiring Temporary Employees

3. How to Keep your Remote Employees Passionate

4. Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

5. Helping Your Employees Balance Work and Family

6. Allowing Employees to List Career Skills on Social Media Sites

7. How Strong is your Manager-Employee Relationship

The introductory stages of employee management are very important to the life and success of manager-staff relationships. Developing great relationships will not be a one-step process and this 7-part guide by Brand Red Resume will show you how to initiate this practice and start winning with your employees.

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