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LinkedIn Profile Writing

It’s 2017 and around 92% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to source quality talent.

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LinkedIn Writing

What’s being said about BrandRed Resume’s LinkedIn Writing Services

“I copied and pasted my resume to my LinkedIn profile about three years ago. I wasn’t active for almost that whole period, but a remark from one of my coworkers once I started using it again made me realize that it needed to be improved. I appreciate all BrandRed has done. The emails and calls are rolling in now!” – Evenlyn Pressins (New Jersey)

“I missed out on a really good job opportunity a couple of months ago because my profile didn’t show all of my skills and experience. I did it myself about a year ago to avoid spending any money. But that ended up costing me–a lot. I’ve heard from three companies in the last two weeks because of this new writing. Thanks.” – Darryl Trepp (Iowa)

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