How to Improve
Your Thinking Skills

Positive thinking maximizes your interactions with people and situations. A few changes in your thinking can be the difference between having good people skills and sucking in your verbal and non-verbal communication with others. This video walks you through ways to connect positive thinking with your thoughts, energy, what you speak, and how to eliminate negative thought processes that keep you from getting what you want. After learning from the video, download the thought tracker to help implement what you’ve learned.

Thinking Terms to know

Pathological Thinking:

A form of thought that is unrecognizable to itself. This type of thought is disturbed, imbalanced, and directed by emotion.

It is not necessarily a negative type of thought, however, negative emotions such as anger and jealously are the ones that most commonly influence it.

Logical Thinking:

A form of thought that is independent of emotion. This type of thought is impartial and objective, and is led by comparison (yes/no, etiher/or) as a means of arriving at the most logical conclusion. Logical thinking is unable to pursue an initial intent other than the intention to follow its course to wherever it leads.

Psychological Thinking:

A form of thought that always sees itself. This type of thought allows intellect and emotion to operate in harmony and is able to recognize both logical and pathological thought. When that awareness vanishes, so does the cooperation of thought and feeling. At this point, thought becomes logical, pathological, or disappears entirely.

Daily Thought Tracker

Use this download to track your negative thoughts by writing down one negative
thought per day, rating the thought, and making a plan for attacking it.