How to
Have Better Perception

Good perception skills are the combination of self-discipline, common sense, experience and confidence. Without these factors, perception is limited by biased thoughts and interpretations. In this video you’ll learn the mistakes you’re making in your thinking and actions because of poor perception. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of perceiving people, things, and situations for what they actually are. After learning from the video, download the perception test to help implement what you’ve learned.

Perception Terms to know

Visual Perception:

Visual perception is perception by way of the eyes. It is a process by which the individual detects and interprets environments and information visible to the eyes.

Figure-Ground Perception:

Figure-ground perception is perception used to recognize objects. It is the visual system used to simplify a scene into the main object seen (the figure) and everything else that forms the background (ground).

OK, let’s give perception a try.

There are two interpretations of each picture. Which one does your perception see first?

Visual Perception

Can you tell that there is both a young and old woman?

Figure-ground Perception

Do you see the couple looking at the sea and the baby?

Perception Test


Answer the questions in this test to measure how you perceive certain social situations, then add up your score to see if your perception is weak or strong.