How to
Give Off Positive Energy

Did you know that pulsating positive energy helps you attract the people, things, and situations you desire? If not, it may be time you learn how your thoughts and energy play a part in manifesting your reality. This video teaches you the aspects of thinking and perception that can be used to pulsate positive energy in order to get the results you’re looking for in life. After learning from the video, download the body language template to help implement what you’ve learned.

Pulsating Term to Know


Pulsating is the means of emitting either positive or negative energy through one’s emotions, actions and thoughts. It is an invisible sensation that can be transferred and experienced by others that come in contact with the individual. It has the ability to turn negative situations positive and vice versa.

What Body Language Means


Use this download to test you knowledge of different body language gestures by matching each gesture with the meaning you think is most appropriate.