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How you go about your career search is your choice. But when you become a client with Brand Red Resume, our resume experts play a very influential role in determining what career marketing tools you will use to optimize your career search and propel your career success.

We specialize in the delivery of custom career marketing solutions for job seekers in the United States and Canada. We know that a new career can take you in several new directions. In preparing for this type of transition, our Atlanta based resume writers look forward to helping you understand your first preparatory step: having the right career marketing documentation. Your documents will have authority over the types of responses you receive and the manner in which hiring managers view you hiring potential.

We recommend that you maximize your hiring potential to increase your chances of attracting new career opportunities.

The complete cycle of our career marketing solutions is as follows:

Resume Writing – The resume is the most common form of career marketing. We match your qualifications to your industry of choice and create a resume document that engages the employer with succinct information about your skills, education and experience.

Resume Editing – We enable job search success with a professional audit and edit of the résumé you have already created. Resume editing is needed to help you focus your resume content, incorporate résumé power words and bring about consistency, accuracy, brevity and clarity.

Cover Letter – Your cover will be the most creative of all your career marketing documents. We develop a clear understanding of your personality, professional and personal competencies and work style to create a cover letter that lets the employer get to know you for you, not for your skills.

Curriculum Vitae – We bring all of your qualifications together in one very acclaimed document and make it make sense. You should be proud of your accomplishments and it should show through your curriculum vitae. We bring a balance so that your CV is viewed positively by a recruiter.

Social Profile – The days of recruiters reviewing career marketing portfolios sans photos are over. With an ever-evolving social sphere, there is a growing marketplace of professionals who advance their career success with polished, professional social profiles.

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