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Hiring Needs Template for Recruiters

A template designed to help you successfully manage the hiring process. Every time.

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Covers: Talent, Competencies, and Sources.



  • I recruit talent for several industries, large and small, and the Hiring Needs Template helps me forecast and organize my hiring needs for months in advance. Now I can sort through qualified talent with a clear idea of what I'm looking for. Great investment. - Susan Harris - Executive Recruiter
  • I'm new to the recruiting industry and had been looking for ways to get my hiring needs in order. Thanks for this great download. - Jason Meadows - Recruiter at Rapid, LLC
  • I love having tools I can rely on to make creating a recruiting strategy effortless. I've printed the template about 10 times and have my strategy together for the next 6 months. - Elaine R. - Sr. Recruiter at The PBL League
  • Recruiting for the Healthcare niche is not the easiest thing to do, but it is easier with the help of your Hiring Needs Template. Thanks. - Mary Hollis - Senior Recruiter

Easily Forecast Your Hiring Needs.

Overcome Challenges


Recruitment challenges have to do with employee commitment. Ensure you're targeting only the best talent.

Workforce Planning


Recruiting is an ongoing process. Plan ahead for the type of talent your workforce will need in the future.

Track Your Efforts


Keep track of every individual recruiting effort you put into play, so you can easily reference back later.

Organize and narrow down the sources you'll use to recruit quality talent.

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This recruiting tool will help you.
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