4 Must Read Books for the
Serious Career Seeker

Regardless of how long you’ve been a part of the unemployed or underemployed scene, if you aren’t doing what it takes to develop your mind and prepare yourself for success, chances are you aren’t going to get far.

As a serious career seeker, you want to do what you can to make yourself more valuable in the eyes of recruiters.

There comes a point where sending your resume to employers online simply doesn’t work, and that’s the time when you have to convert to more reliable measures of career planning, career search, personal branding and professional development.

Learn what it means to be a better career seeker.

We challenge you to invest your time in making yourself a better candidate by reading the 4 must read titles I’ve included in the slideshow below. Now is a great time to fill your head with growth, development, and success processes, especially if you’re currently involved in a career search or are looking to advance on in your current position.

These reads will help you see business and personal development from a new perspective so you can achieve the levels of success you’ve dreamed about. So, here is your official Brand Red Résumé reading list that includes 4 must read titles selected just for serious career seekers.

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