Should Recruiters Know Where Else You’ve Applied?

Written by Jasmin Esse'ka Raye on

If you’ve ever been to an interview, you’ve probably been asked about the other companies you were currently interviewing with.

How did you respond?

Don’t let this question stump you. Actually, answering it could potentially work out in your favor: [click to continue…]

4 Well-Paying Online Certifications for Extra Income

Written by Jasmin Esse'ka Raye on

If I told you that you could earn a certification online, in your spare time, in a year or less, and bring in an extra $20,000-plus in income per year, would you be interested?

Many professionals consider picking up a part-time job to make a little extra money. But that’s likely to eat up all of your free-time and make you groggy and unfocused.

Instead, earn a certificate online that could potentially help you yield [click to continue…]

3 Take Home Pay Calculators for Calculating Desired Salary

Written by Jasmin Esse'ka Raye on

Remember when we talked about how to calculate what amount to put for your desired salary?

Well, now it’s time to make sure you’re asking for the right amount by calculating the take-home-pay that salary would yield.

After figuring in any applicable deductions and taxes, how much money will each of your paychecks reflect? [click to continue…]

Current Salary vs. Desired Salary: Crunching the Numbers

Written by Jasmin Esse'ka Raye on

If your current salary is $69,000, what should you put as your desired salary on a job application?

Is it appropriate to go higher, or is asking for the same pay the safest bet?

If you have 4 minutes, I’ll take you through a quick crash course of two of the easiest ways to calculate your ‘desired salary’: [click to continue…]

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