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Starting back in November 2010, BrandRed Resume began offering career resources and modern resume services. Since then, we've expanded our service model to provide personnel solutions for domestic staffing agencies and online career training for students, jobseekers, professionals, and career coaches.

About Our Learning Center

We provide career training and education offered in the form of leadership videos, DIY resume templates, how-tos, guides, and more. These resources are are a part of our Learning Center that is made available to students, jobseekers, professionals, and career coaches in all fields.

As an ever-growing library of career training and education, the Learning Center offers modern learning tools for the purpose of preparing for the job market, getting hired, getting promoted and educating others.

About Our Personnel Solutions

As a service to the growing number of domestic staffing agencies across the U.S., BrandRed Resume provides personnel solutions designed to help bring more exposure to the qualifications of domestic staffs.

Personnel solutions offer both physical and online solutions for marketing staff to prospects and clients, and cater to the needs of all types of domestic staffing agencies, including nanny agency, household agency, and executive domestic agency.

About Our Modern Resume Services

Modern resume services from BrandRed Resume are comprised of career marketing, personal branding, and career coaching services. We offer resume services for individuals at all levels, entry-level to executive, and in all fields, including Healthcare, Public Relations, Education, Information Technology (IT), and more.

Resume services are provided completely online and are custom to each individual career need.


About our founder:

Lawyer James

In today’s world, it's all about having a competitive advantage. BrandRed Resume founder Lawyer James is an established business executive that succeeds by leveraging the power of difference to successfully build each of his businesses – a tradition he started long before others knew the value of it.

BrandRed Resume (resume division of BrandRed) started out with a mission to be the best. Today, we are a full-scale executive career marketing agency serving c-level clientele in the United States and the United Kingdom – and this is done with career services that advocate the use of your personal brand and help you  predict and perfect your future career moves.

No fluff. No secrets. No black hat career marketing tactics.

Our mission has always been the same: We'll provide you with the tools, resources, and advice you need to advance your executive career search and achieve your professional goals.

Your Source for Executive Career Tools and Education

How have we always known that being an executive is about more than having the skills to do to job?

Because, for decades, the executive approach has been a smart way for leaders to get and stay in control of their c-level career search. And now, new tools and resources are empowering these leaders to take control of every aspect of their career search.

Over the course of 5 years, BrandRed Resume has made considerable expansions to its executive services model. For more information about these changes, view our latest press release.

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