9 Secrets to
Getting Hired

Communicate Like A PRO

Speaking well has no color, just common sense.

communicate well all the time

To a large measure, your communication skills will lead to either a successful or an unsuccessful interview.

The communication factor often times trumps other skills for both job candidates (like you) and existing employees.

There are two types of communication that are particularly important: verbal (what you say) and nonverbal (gestures, postures, and facial expressions).

Both the former and the latter are useful social skills and mastering them can help you build a solid relationship with your interviewer.

Let’s face it: Without good communication skills, the odds are against you.

With a clean, clear vocabulary, a hiring manager or recruiter will be able to gauge how articulate, educated, and personable you are as a candidate and compared to your peers.

Pay attention to your language

By observing your body language, a hiring manager or recruiter can measure your job readiness level by assessing the signals you are sending through your gestures, postures, and facial expressions.

Avoid flushing your career opportunities down the drain by using verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that illustrate your competence.

Start with these Talking tips:

Communication Tip Familiarize yourself with industry or position-related terminology.

Communication Tip Make eye contact.

Communication Tip Avoid filler words, such as “uh”, “um”, and “like”.

Communication Tip Answer ALL interview questions succinctly.

Communication Tip Ask questions or for clarification when necessary.

Communication Tip Sit straight up and avoid fidgeting.

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