9 Secrets
to Getting Hired.


Preparing for The Labor Market

For the 9.5 million unemployed people in the United States today, finding a job has become a numbers game. The job market is complex and sometimes getting hired can seem more like a science than an art.

This guide offers nine (9) insider secrets to getting hired that go beyond having a really good resume. Add the strategies in this guide to your personal marketing plan and watch your confidence and job readiness levels rise.

Who is this e-Book for?

We designed this guide for individuals who are currently in the midst of their job search or looking to advance in their careers. The tips can be used to strengthen or create a career marketing plan.

UX – Unemployed Workers

The unemployed worker is one who is currently not employed, but is actively seeking employment by distributing their resume and career marketing documents to recruiters.

UW – Underemployed Workers

The underemployed worker is one who is currently employed, but their employment conditions are dissatisfying to their current financial, motivational or other job-related needs.

GD – Graduates

A graduate is an individual who has successfully completed a two or four-year college or university program within the last 12 months and is in the process of career development.

IN – Interns

An intern is an individual who is gaining practical industry experience within an organization related to their field of study and is looking to land a paid employment position in the near future.

What to expect after getting started.

So, you want to get hired by at least one of your dream employers, but for some reason you keep falling short in your attempts.

The insider secrets covered in this guide will help you put together a plan for landing your next job as efficiently and effectively as possible.

It’s no longer solely about having the most impressive resume – employers, hiring managers, and recruiters are looking for all-star candidates who can bring a variety of things to the table.

Learn how to:

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