Should I Job Search on Weekends?

Published by Jasmin Esse'ka Raye on

We usually dedicate our weekends to friends, family and fun.

Still, I know a lot of job-seeking professionals that would gladly spend their time engaged in a weekend job search.

BUT, the issue is that they’re not sure if looking for a job over the weekend is worthwhile.

I’m here to tell you…it is!

Why the Weekend Job Search Matters

In one of my older blogs about 7 of the best times to look for a job online, I briefly addressed the benefits of looking for a job over the weekend.

Specifically, I talked about how it’s not uncommon for new job listings to hit the scene on Saturday mornings.

Surprising? Well, it shouldn’t be.

You’re putting in a lot of energy to find the right jobs, right?

Well, recruiters put in 10 times as much effort to find the right candidates–so it makes sense that they’re listing job postings on Saturdays.

Getting Started with Your Weekend Job Search

To get you started with your weekend job search, here are a few resources that will help you optimize your time and effort.

Keep in mind that your job search will be different from the next professional’s.

Use these resources as you see fit based on how and when you’re conducting your weekend job search.

BrandRed Resume Jobs Board

The BrandRed Resume Jobs Board is updated daily and offers 1000s of job listings across all states and nearly all industries.

Complete Online Job Search Kit

Our Complete Online Job Search Kit will help you navigate all areas of your weekend job search with advice, tips and pointers for being diligent and effective in your search.


Depending on how full your weekends are, you may not have a lot of time to dedicate to finding and applying to new job listings.

We remove the fear of missing out on quality opportunities with our JobMatch services that match your qualifications with perfect employment opportunities.


The best part about a weekend job search is that you don’t even have to get out of bed.

The most important thing is that you actually dedicate the time and make a conscious effort to applying to jobs you’re qualified for–the same way you would during the week.

What are your views on looking for a job during the weekend?