Back to School + Job Searching: 2 Tips

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It seems like only two weeks ago the school year was ending.

Nevertheless, it’s back to school time and, let’s be honest, there’s a lot that goes into getting children ready for a successful academic year.

Among all the stuff to do there’s:

  • ✓ Shopping for clothes
  • ✓ Shopping for school supplies
  • ✓ Scheduling hair(cut) appointments
  • ✓ Attending open houses and back to school nights
  • ✓ Creating weekly dinner schedules
  • ✓ Creating nightly homework schedules
  • ✓ Arranging transportation to and from school
  • ..and a lot of other things

Making time for your job search during back to school

This is around the time of year that professionals either completely give up on their job search, or put it off for several months.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though.

With all the many job search options out there, it’s completely possible to get all the back to school stuff done and be successful in your job search.

Let’s talk about two ways you can get great results from job searching while you’re also preparing your children to go back to school.

The LinkedIn Job Search App

The LinkedIn Job Search app is a really convenient app to have when job searching.

The app allows you to create job alerts for specific job titles (e.g. Registered Nurse) and locations (e.g. Baltimore, Maryland).

That way, when new jobs are posted that match your job alert criteria, the app will send you a notification to your phone so that you can review and apply.

Not only does this help save time, but it ensures you are applying to credible job listings seeing as LinkedIn is extremely valuable in the eyes of recruiters and professionals alike.

Be aware that it is necessary to have a LinkedIn Profile in order to use the LinkedIn Job Search application.

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Google Alerts

Another useful tool that can help bolster your job searching efforts during back to school season is Google Alerts.

This is normally a tool marketers and other business people use to stay on top of the latest industry news, but, used right, it could work wonders for your job search.

You’ll want to create an alert using a term or phrase (in this case, a job title) relevant to the type of job openings you’re interested in applying to.

You can customize your alert by telling Google things like how often you’d like to be notified (e.g. weekly; daily) and the sources you want your alerts to come from.

Enter in your email after customizing your alert and, voila, you’re all set to receive notifications when new results relevant to your alert become available.

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My goal was to include two resources that only required wi-fi in order to access and use.

If you’re like most parents, getting out to attend networking events or other physical, attendance-centered functions during the back to school season just isn’t possible.

The tips I shared will help you get the most out of your job search while you’re busy getting the children ready for the beginning of the school year.

Have you done a back to school job search before? What were your results?