5 Lunch Break Activities to Increase Productivity

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Staying productive throughout the entire workday can be a hard thing to do – especially if there’s nothing to motivate you to keep pushing forward. If you find yourself with a wandering mind or unmotivated throughout the work day, try these activities. Here are 5 lunch break activities that can increase your productivity.


The unproductive workday sucks not only because you don’t get anything done, but because that leaves you with more to do on one of your more productive days.

But, sometimes, a dip in productivity can’t be avoided, especially if you’re in an environment where there’s nothing to motivate you to keep pushing forward.

So, if you’re burning out and need a way to get your energy and focus back in the workplace, you may want to try one, two, or all of these lunch break activities that’ll help boost your productivity.

5 Activities for Increasing your Productivity

1. Talk to Others

If you’re stuck in a cubicle most of the day, your lack of motivation and productive behaviors could be due to a lack of socializing. Try having a conversation with a co-worker and getting back in the ‘spirit of things’.

Don’t limit your conversation to work-related topics, either. Talk about things outside of work or topics that’ll help rejuvenate your interests in getting things done and achieving some workplace progress.

2. Plan and Prioritize

More often than not, we’re rendered unproductive because we have no clear strategy for getting things done. Instead of having a process for getting things done and prioritizing our tasks, we kind of just do things as we think of them.

Try using your lunch break to plan and prioritize your work duties. Whether you know it or not, your body has a natural rhythm that allows you to be more productive at certain times of the day and less productive at other times. Figure out your rhythm and plan and prioritize your tasks based on the amount of energy they’ll take to complete.

3. Create Routines

Similar to the activity above, try spending your lunch break drawing up routines that you can stick to. Not only will this help you organize your day, it’ll give you a chance to see exactly where your time is being spent and what modifications you can make, if necessary.

This’ll keep you from stressing over what you should do next and in what order and allow you to be productive in your practices.

4. Make Room in Your Mind

Did you know that you walk around with a lot of ‘brain junk’ that needs to be cleaned up every once in a while? Most times, we unconsciously hold on to thoughts, ideas, and other things that cloud our mind and leave little space for the things we actually need to be focusing on.

Use your lunch break to clear your mind of this junk by writing things down. This will keep you from having to remember everything, hence, boosting your energy and productivity.

5. Identify Interruptions

We encounter a lot of interruptions throughout the day. And 9 times out of 10, we let these interruptions do exactly what they’re designed to do: interrupt what we’re doing. But, if you can identify things that are considered interruptions, you can create a habit of learning to either ignore them or deal with them at a later time. Doing this will work wonders for you.

Spend a few minutes during your lunch break to jot down some of the most common interruptions you experience throughout the day. Then, devise a plan for ‘handling’ them in the most appropriate way possible so they don’t slow down your productivity.


Different activities will give us the boost we need to be productive and happy at work. Hopefully these 5 activities will help you find some sort of balance in your work, so that you aren’t finding yourself burnt out and completely unproductive.

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