Jobs for People with No Skills

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Jobs for People with No Skills

Depending on how you look at it, having no skills could mean not having a college degree or it could mean exactly what it sounds like: not having any type of skills, qualifications, or abilities to offer to an employer. So, if this sounds like you, and if you’re currently looking for a job, here are a few of the best jobs for people with no skills.

Jobs for People with No Skills

There comes a point in life where you’ll able to fully and thoroughly assess the skills you have to offer to a future employer.

But, for those of you who literally can’t think of one skill you have to bring to the table, there comes a point where you have to figure out what you’re going to do for employment.

So, what exactly does having no skills mean?

I’ve seen it explained in the context of:

    – Not having a college degree
    – Not having quality people skills
    – Not having specific/industry-related qualifications
    Having very few of the KSAs required to fulfill a specific role

However it relates to you, having no skills has the potential to put you in an awkward position when it comes to finding work. Why?

Because skills are among the top factors -you know, along side personality, experience, and stuff like that- that employers consider when when evaluating your level of job readiness.

So, if you’re sold on the notion that you have absolutely no skills to offer to an employer, you may want to narrow your job search down to the following types of jobs.

Here are 3 jobs for people with no skills.

Jobs for People with No Skills

Having no skills means you need to focus on improving other areas in order to convince an employer that you’re the right fit for a certain position.

These areas include things such as your personality, aptitude, inclination, persistence, determination and appearance. In doing so, you should have no problem landing any of the following jobs for people with no skills:

Jobs for people with no skills #1: Sales Representative

While it may not sound like the most attractive thing to do, becoming a sales rep will likely put you in a variety of environments where you have a chance to develop several of your skills, including people skills, marketing skills, and more.

Jobs for people with no skills #2: Data Entry

Luckily, data entry is exactly that: entering data into some type of system. So, if you’re completely sold on the idea that your skills are at a minimum, data entry may be a good idea if you can type at least 20 words per minute.

Jobs for people with no skills #3: Personal Assistant

Being someone’s personal assistant will give you the opportunity to develop your skills in a more personal and focused manner. Instead of jumping into an environment where you’re competing with others to perform and outperform, a personal assistant position lets you learn the dynamics of work, develop your skills, and apply your skills in the most effective way possible.

What’s it to you?

If you’re one of the ones with ‘no skills’, don’t feel bad and don’t let it keep you back in your job search.

If it piques your interest, start with looking into one of the positions above.

From there, use that employment position to develop your skills so you can eventually move on to bigger and better jobs.

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