4 of the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

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6 of the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Many women feel being pregnant will severely limit the job opportunities available to them. But, there are several jobs with fairly appealing characteristics that would be an ideal fit for a pregnant woman. Here are 4 of the best jobs for pregnant women.

If you’re going through a healthy pregnancy, the decision to continue working until your due date is easy.

However, if you aren’t currently employed or the job you held before you got pregnant isn’t an ideal fit for someone in your position, then the hunt for the right job can be difficult.

And when you’re looking for the job that best fits your position, it’s important to keep in mind that, as your pregnancy progresses, so will the amount of time you need to recoup, sit down, and retain your energy throughout the day.

That means any job you pursue needs to be able to accommodate these needs.

The Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

So, what jobs are right for the pregnant woman?

Well, being a mother myself, I’ve considered the jobs I held while pregnant and asked around to put together this list for you.

Here are 4 of the best jobs for pregnant women.

Best Job for Pregnant Women #1: Work from home position

4 of the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

If you’re like most pregnant women, you’d feel more comfortable working from home everyday than getting up and going to a job.

Should you consider the work-from-home route, there are a ton of home-based/freelance jobs for you to choose from, such as:

    Transcription & Data Entry
    Graphic Design
    Customer Service
    Virtual Assistant
    and more!

Best Job for Pregnant Women #2: Secretary position

4 of the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women
Secretarial work is often light and allows for a lot of sitting down throughout the day. It’s one of the more obvious job picks for pregnant women considering the needs you’ll have throughout your pregnancy.

I would definitely recommend a secretary position for the pregnant women looking to stay in the workforce during their 9-month journey.

Best Job for Pregnant Women #3: Pet-sitting position

4 of the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

If you don’t have any pet allergies, a pet sitting position may be perfect for you throughout your pregnancy.

And, believe it or not, pet sitting is an extremely popular and fast-growing niche, so finding regular sitting jobs shouldn’t be all that difficult.

The best part is you can choose whether you want to watch the pet at your residence or the residence of the owner and you can make your own schedule. The position may require you to take the animal for a walk (such as a dog), but nothing extreme in most cases.

Best Job for Pregnant Women #4: AVON or Mary Kay Sales Rep Position

4 of the Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Women love their beauty products, and what better way to stay light on your feet and still be involved with these things than becoming an Avon or Mary Kay independent sales representative?

From what I hear, these positions offer many incentives and are pretty flexible when it comes to things such as schedule. This type of freedom puts you in complete control of the amount of work and time you associate with being a rep.

It definitely gets my approval as being one of the 4 best jobs for pregnant women.


The decision to either work or not work while you’re pregnant is completely up to you.

Be sure to consider your needs and whether or not you’re in the physical condition to take on a job before looking for temporary work to take on while you’re pregnant.

These 4 best jobs for pregnant women are just suggestions, but should definitely be considered if you’re expecting and want to keep working while you’re pregnant.