7 of the Best Times to Look for Jobs Online

Published by Jasmin Esse'ka Raye on

7 of the Best Times to Look for Jobs Online

Ever wondered when was the best time to look for new, quality job openings online? We conducted a small experiment that focused on identifying key times for getting the most out of your online job search. What we discovered may surprise you. This data corresponds with the insight of the wise: “It’s about being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of your opportunities.” (Quote from Lee Majors). Use the data we found to put together a plan for conducting a successful online job search.

If you’re anything like me, you prefer your online journey to be simple. I want to get online, navigate to the exact site I need and find exactly what I’m looking for.

Yea. Right.

In most cases, there’s only about a 50% chance that process will go as smoothly as you imagined it would. That’s because the ‘finding exactly what you’re looking for’ part is not always that easy.

And if you’re conducting your job search online, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Looking for a Job Online

Aahhh, the online job search. It’s easy. It’s convenient. And most of all, you’re in control.

That is, of course, until you run into a situation where you just aren’t locating the ‘right’ type of opportunities.

Maybe the company you’re wanting to join isn’t updating their job board as often as you would like. Or your favorite job search websites keep suggesting the same positions to you throughout the day.

Whatever the case may be, it is likely frustrating to you. So, what do you do?

You learn the best times to look for a job online and build a strategy around that. From our experiment, we found that these 7 times are the best times to look for jobs online:

Time #1: Weekdays at 6 A.M.

Who ever said there’s nothing going on at 6am?

Well, if you’re a serious job seeker, you should know that there indeed is.

In most cases, employers begin listing their new job opportunities online as early as 6am local time.

Not convinced? Set your alarm and see if you don’t awaken to new job openings listed by the company(ies) you’re watching.

This probably won’t be an everyday thing for every company, but as long as you’re up before your peers, you should have no problem locating new job opportunities before others have a chance to see them.

Time #2: Saturday Mornings

What you do Friday night is your business. But, I know one thing: If you want to take your online job search serious, you better have the same mentality you have throughout the week on Saturday morning.

Out of the 10 companies I decided to watch over the course of the experiment, 8 of them listed new job openings on any given Saturday morning.

To me, this translates into Saturday mornings being a prime time for online job seekers to conduct their online job search.

Time #3: After “Big” Company News

Has your dream company recently launched a new product? Did they reach some other type of milestone recently?

If you answered “Yes”, it’s more than likely the company is or will be hiring.

Examples like the above can be considered ‘big’ company news. And any company that feels like it is growing in the right direction won’t waste any time looking for new talent to help it continue growing.

The best way to know when this is happening? Stay in touch with what your dream company is doing and the moves it’s making through social media and other forms of company news.

Time #4: When Competitors are Hiring

A company has no friends and no enemies, only competitors.

So, when a competitor makes a move, it must move back. And what better time for a company to list new job openings than when its competitor starts hiring?

Take some time to find out who your dream company’s competitors are and put them on your ‘Watch List’ as well.

If your dream company isn’t listing job opportunities as fast as you would like for them to, stay updated on when the competition starts hiring. From our experiment, there isn’t too much of a delay between when comp starts hiring and when your company begins listing new openings.

Time #5: Right before the Holidays

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Companies will always begin preparing for the holiday season early.

Even if you don’t get an app in at the start of their hiring extravaganza, submitting one right before the holidays shouldn’t be an issue. This is the time when companies are listing smaller, but equally important, positions that they will need to fill to ensure the holiday season goes smoothly.

Time #6: Right after the Holidays

So, the holidays are over and temporary hires are no longer ‘in season’. Not to mention, permanent employees are looking for new ways to advance their current employment situation.

What does that mean for you? There should be a collection of job opportunities for you to sift through.

Time #7: Soon After Internal Posting

While this one may be a little harder to keep track of, knowing when a company has posted job opportunities internally can help you better gauge if and when they will post them externally.

Maybe you have a connection within the company. If so, use them to find out when and what type of job opportunities have been posted internally.

Our experiment found that job opportunities were listed externally about 3-4 weeks after being listed internally.

The Takeaway

There’s a lot to be gained from knowing when and how you should go about your online job search. Hopefully these 7 best times to look for a job online will help you find more success in your online job search and cut down on the ‘empty time’ you spend looking through the same listings and waiting for new job opportunities to be posted.