Are Jobs Labeled “No Resume Required” Always Best?

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Applying to jobs where a resume isn’t required will definitely save you time and energy in your job search. But, are these jobs always the best to apply to? Using LinkedIn to apply to ‘no resume required’ jobs is one of the best ways to get the results you’re looking for. Read more about this trend below.

OMG. So, it’s time to look for a new job.

This should be an exciting time, but you’re bummed. Why?

Because you’re miserable about the fact that you either have to struggle with putting together a resume or hiring an executive resume company to do it for you.

So you start doing some research on the job options available to you while simultaneously looking for a simpler way to apply for a job.

BINGO! You’ve found it: Jobs labeled “No Resume Required”

And from my experience working with job seekers, I know that very few things are better than an employer saying you don’t need a résumé to apply for a job.

The question is: Are jobs labeled ‘no resume required’ always best?

There have been several transformations made to the employment landscape over the last few years. One of the most impressive is allowing job seekers to apply for jobs without a résumé.

And who better to be dominating this new trend than LinkedIn? Only recently has the LinkedIn Mobile platform given its users the ability to apply for jobs using their mobile phones and by submitting their LinkedIn profile.

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No Resume Required Jobs on LinkedIn

If you’re using your LinkedIn Mobile to submit your profile for jobs, chances are this whole no résumé required trend is benefitting you on several levels.

So, determining whether or not these type of jobs are better is a matter of assessing your own LinkedIn profile.

What job seekers must remember is there’s a lot more to impressing a hiring manager than filling out a few fields on your LinkedIn profile.

So, if you’re in the market to start applying for no resume required jobs, take your time going over and improving each area of your LinkedIn profile. A polished profile will reflect detailed qualifications and will allow a hiring manager to easily transition from one area to another.

Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Learn how to set up your LinkedIn profile using our easy, straightforward tutorial.

Have you used LinkedIn Mobile to apply for a ‘no resume required’ job? Tell us about your experience below.