6 Statistics about Your Job Search You’d Wish You Knew Earlier

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Think you know what it takes to conduct a successful job search? Think again. We’ve compiled a list of 6 statistics about your job search that you probably never knew. Not only will these statistics show you what you’re doing wrong, they’ll shed a little light on the reason why you haven’t landed a job yet. Use these stats to improve your job search strategy.

One thing about the job search process is true: It’s easy to $%*! up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Oh, and one other thing: The bold, creative lies you’re trying to pass by hiring managers won’t get you as far as you may think.

And I don’t care who you are. Registered Nurse. Computer Technician. Dental Hygienist. Maintenance Administrator. In one way or another, you are a job seeker interested in a successful job search….and dreaming of using your pursuit of success as a way of landing your dream job.

Sounds easy, right? The thing is, the job search process has always had at least one huge downside: Candidates who don’t “know the ropes” either fail or take much longer to achieve their job search goals.

The solution is….know more about the process.

Here are 6 statistics about the job search process you’d wish you knew earlier.

76% of hiring managers conduct reference checks for all job candidates

There are many factors that will help a hiring manager determine whether they want to extend a job offer to you. If you know the results of a background check won’t be in your favor, try either offering the employer more data to help ease the negative impact or move on to the next employment opportunity so you’re not wasting your valuable time.

95% of hiring managers verify former employers and employment dates

Remember that waitressing job you walked out on last summer because your assigned days didn’t accommodate your partying schedule? If you’re going to put it on your résumé, make sure you tell the truth about what happened and how long you were there. Nearly all hiring mangers verify this information.

89% of hiring managers will not hire candidates who do not have a resume

No résumé? Well you better be on point in every other department, because there’s only 11% of hiring managers who will consider your candidacy if you decide to “wing” it during the application or interview process.

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The average job search lasts 18 weeks, but is longer for candidates who don’t have the right career marketing documents

I don’t know many candidates who have 18 weeks or more to spend on looking for their next job. The fewer career marketing tools and job search knowledge you have to work with, the longer you can expect to stay on this trail.

Candidates who don’t ask questions during interviews are 49% less likely to get hired

Ah, the job interview. Making it to this stage is every job seekers’ goal. But, don’t shot yourself in the foot when you get there by only answering questions. Hiring managers are able to determine a candidate’s long-term potential by the way they perform during the interview. Ask questions along the lines of: “What type of personal/professional growth do you envision for an individual in the [name of position] role?”

63% of hiring managers will hire a referral before hiring a non-referral

The tradition word-of-mouth job search hasn’t lost its luster. Hiring managers are now more attracted referrals than ever before. It may be time to send out a few “Help Me Get Hired!” emails.

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