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Fuel career searches with online reputation management.


Personal branding is when an individual’s name, career and other information is marked as their brand. By monitoring the information that shows up in Google results for your name, you can make sure others see only the info that is relevant to you. Not you and others with your name.

9 out of 10 people care about protecting their personal brand. Especially if:

  • They are serious about managing their reputation and career
  • There is negative information online for others with the same name

Your personal brand is about 75% what Google says about you.

The first thing a date, employer, or client will do when they want to know more about you is type your name into Google. But, if you haven’t taken the right steps to protect your personal brand online, information about you will be mixed up with info about others that share your name. And if these people don’t have the best reputation, it has the potential to ruin your personal brand.

Protect Your Online Reputation with Personal Branding Services

Personal branding services from Brand Red Resume are made up of the resources and know-how needed to get your online reputation on track.

Our Branding Experts will conduct a full assessment of your online reputation so we can determine what personal branding plan of action will work best for your situation.

Quality and accuracy are two major factors in improving your personal brand. In a step-by-step process, we’ll ensure that trusted sources and relevant information dominate Google, Yahoo, and Bing results when someone searches your name.

Can our personal branding services help you improve or manage your online reputation?

Branding Experts from Brand Red Resume will help you add value to the the Google search results that show up when others look you up online. Give us a chance to build a powerful brand for you that’ll positively contribute to your business and personal reputations.

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